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Improve parking compliance.

Benefits of Booting Over Towing

Improve Parking Collection

Your TASK team will immobilize people who don’t pay their parking fee

Tow companies can not violate persuasively due to lack of efficiency in towing procedures and the conspicuous nature of towing.

Your Task technicians are encouraged to engage in conversations that inform and promote a valid, future utilization of your properties (becoming a tenant or paying for a spot)

More progressive less aggressive

When people know their car has been booted, they tend to have a better reaction than being towed.

The solution for them requires a lot less money and fewer steps.

Additionally we’ve found that legal parkers in monitored lots have commented on the feeling of security given to them by supervision.

Margin for Error

Booting leaves slightly more room for error than towing does.

This room for error allows for a mistaken boot to be removed in seconds rather than hours it could take to return a mistakenly towed car.

Example: One of your tenants just forgot to put up their parking pass in the windshield and is towed as a result. Sure they didn’t follow the rules but everybody makes mistakes and the relationship with that tenant is important to maintain.

Setbacks of Towing Over Booting

While towing would dissuade some violators from ever wanting to use your lot again because people are generally more offset by towing, additionally consider that tow trucks often damage peoples cars.
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Relative to Booting, Tow Trucks Are Inefficient

Tow trucks can only remove one or two violators until the rest of  the offenders are alerted and dispersed. In turn this gives violators  insight on times that they might be towed and how to avoid the tow  truck.

As parking property owners ourselves we know what you need and we treat each lot we monitor like it’s the only one.
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